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Hear From Our Alumni

person 1

An invaluable guide through the Cybersecurity world! I also appreciate the wonderful people I met both in my class and throughout the CodePath network.

Juan Lara

City College of San Francisco, Spring 2017

person 2

Helped me advance my skills in ways I never imagined. CodePath not only empowered me to build amazing apps but also taught me how to work more efficiently in teams of engineers.

Savannah McCoy

Howard University, Spring 2017

person 3

The focus on hands-on activities and real-life scenarios made for an awesome learning experience. I appreciated how the course was structured in a way that reflected the nature of Cybersecurity.

David Awogbemila

Howard University, Spring 2017

person 4

I met one of my co-founders during the iOS group project. CodePath gave us the tools necessary to turn our dream into a reality and as a result, we co-founded KindMind, a mental health tech start-up.


Fordham University, Spring 2016


Hackers Guide to


Learn the secrets of hacking in the Facebook Cybersecurity course

The Cybersecurity Course is an on-campus program that will focus on teaching college students the mindset of a security professional along with the fundamentals of Cybersecurity, common application vulnerabilities, and hands-on practice focused on developing defensive applications. The curriculum was developed in partnership with Facebook and covers standard security fundamentals.

Fall 2019 campuses: San Jose State University


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  • Semester-long, on-campus, Fall 2019
  • Cost: Free
  • 1 session a week
  • Project-based requires 5-10 hours/week

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Frequently Asked Questions

The class is free for students. We work closely with a number of partners who help us cover the costs of the program.

We are working with colleges and universities to provide our courses for credit as they are currently at Purdue University. We need a CS professor to sponsor the class in order to offer our programs for credit. If you can help, reach out to us at

The CodePath team will carefully select and mentor a group of student leaders (TAs) who will help facilitate a class of students. We have created and tested extensive learning materials including pre-recorded video lectures and online documentation to help with the homework. In addition, professional experts will be available to answer student questions online about lecture materials as well as the homework.

You should set aside 5-10 hours per week for this class. This includes 1 session per week (2 hours) and homework (4-8 hours). The class will last 12 weeks. For colleges on the quarter system, the course will overlap between Winter and Spring quarters. No mandatory sessions will be held over Spring Break.

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